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New Age Laundry Ltd.

T/F: +44 (0)20 8814 2925

Our main company, NewAge Environmental Technologies Ltd., was established in 2006 in Willesden providing energy efficient climate control, air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation solutions across London.

Soon after that, we acquired a laundry premises and started offering the commercial laundry services and linen hire to Hotels, Restaurants and Spas; building our career in the field and committed to provide reliable and innovative services, keeping distinction and excellence as a standard.

As the laundry business expanded we came to the decision of separating the two businesses, with two separate managements and facilities.

NEW AGE LAUNDRY Ltd. was established to continue the growth with the expanded facilities in our new site in London. Currently we offer a range of services covering from bed and breakfast to five stars and luxury hotels beside supplying toiletries items and toilet rolls; all is at your service now.