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New Age Laundry Ltd.

T/F: +44 (0)20 8814 2925

NEW AGE LAUNDRY is specialized in providing commercial laundry services and linen hire to Hotels, Restaurants and Spas. We gained a wealth of experience since 2006, where customer satisfaction is and shall always be our goal.

We guarantee to beat any 'like for like' quotation or service and offer the following:

  • Full laundry services for customers' own stock;
  • Linen rental services at unbeatable prices!
  • Tailor made services that suit your business requirement and timing;
  • We ensure a personal contact with our clients for any issues arise;
  • Extra stock supplies services, 7 days a week, even during Bank holidays;
  • Commercial dry cleaning services;
  • No minimum order per month is required

Allow us to be at your service to furnish you with our competitive prices and to provide the necessary advice and material samples that suit and enhance your services.